We are glad that you have decided to come to Guardian Angels Church for your marriage.  By marrying in the Church, you will benefit from the graces that come from the sacrament of marriage and from the support of the Catholic community.

Couples interested in getting married at Guardian Angels should contact the priest or deacon who will prepare them for marriage at least nine months prior to the date they hope to celebrate their wedding.

Arrangements for setting the date and time of your wedding will be made once you have met with the priest/deacon who will conduct the wedding ceremony at Guardian Angels.   Only the Pastor or designated member of the parish staff may book a tentative date.

The wedding itself remains tentative until all marriage preparation requirements are completed.  Weddings at Guardian Angels are typically celebrated on Saturdays at 10:00 am, Noon or 2:00 pm.

Wedding Liturgies at Guardian Angels require the couples’ use the parish Wedding Coordinator. Our Coordinator is Sandra Brennan, Phone # (619) 249-8156, email:  Contact our coordinator once you have scheduled your wedding date with the priest/deacon who will conduct the wedding ceremony at Guardian Angels.

Guardian Angels provides guidelines for celebrating weddings.  Couples will be given these guidelines when they meet with the Wedding Coordinator.

We are happy to share our beautiful church with you on the occasion of this very important day in your lives when you accept God’s blessing in the Sacrament of Matrimony.